About Rooster Builders

Rooster Builders specializes in Remodel and ground up residential construction. His team is family based and together has over 50 years of experience in the industry. we have designers and professionals whom we can hire when designing and construction solutions are required for a particular project. we work through problems by offering many different solutions that each have their own benefits and qualities.

Delivering the highest quality of building Construction, and renovation services with added designs to match your lifestyle

Building Design & Construction Company

What we do

Rooster Builders provides top quality services with a value
and cost-saving to give you the desired outcome.

Design and Construction

The company provides all kinds of design and construction services for buildings, infrastructure, and others.

Renovations & Reconstruction

Our experienced professionals can rebuild and renovate your home or office the way you have always dreamt of.

Interior Designing

We provide customized and efficient interior designs that bring functionality and aesthetics simultaneously.

Exterior Designing

The exterior of your home or office refers to the façade or the outer view that presents the space in its unique or awesome way.

“Russell has taken care of quite a few jobs for me till now and he has been very professional and detailed in each time. He makes sure he takes care of every small details and I am completely satisfied. He also provides very realistic estimates for all works without overpricing like most of the contractors. It’s very easy to communicate with him as well. I would recommend Russell to all my friends as I am sure I will work with him for any future projects.”


Building Design & Construction Company

About the Team

Rooster Builders Team!

Rooster Builders specializes in Remodel and ground-up residential construction. The team is family-based and together has over 50 years of experience in the industry. We follow the philosophy of "delivering quality within the discussed time". To reach that goal, we hire designers and industry professionals as per the need of the project. The founder of the organization works through problems by offering many different solutions with individual benefits and qualities. We primarily provide services in San Diego and span up to Los Angeles.